Q350 CNC Mill

  • 5,000-30,000 RPM German made Alfred Jaeger “Chopper” 1500D spindle with <2um runout or,
  • 5,000-60,000 RPM 2.1kwm 5,000-60,000 RPM Alfred Jaeger Z62 Spindle
  • Optional 4th and 5th Axis Simultaneous Capable Hardware and Software
  • 8 Tool Automatic Tool Changer with integrated Tool Height Setter
  • Intuitive MotusCNC™ Control Software. (Click link for more details)
  • Full Enclosure with Interior lighting
  • Optional Integrated Liquid Coolant system
  • Optional MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) Cutting Tool Lubrication System
  • Optional XYZ Closed Loop Linear Scale System with (1 µm) resolution
  • Optional Integrated USB Camera
  • Optional High Precision Touch Probe

Download the Q350 Datasheet 2020 for more info!


    Q350 SpecificationsMetricImperial
    Travel, X-axis490mm19.3"
    Travel, Y-axis300mm12"
    Travel, Z-axis300mm12"
    Spindle Nose to Table (~ max)377mm14.85"
    Spindle Nose to Table (~ min)47mm (optional 17mm)1.85" (optional .67")
    Table Dimensions L633mm x W 197mmL24.9" x W7.75"
    Number of T-slots3
    Width of T-slot12mm7/16″
    CNC DataMetricStandard
    ControllerMotusCNC, Linux
    Servo Motor Resolution0.0002mm0.00001″
    Axis Motor TypeBrushless Servo
    Max Axis Speed X6350mm/min250ipm
    Max Axis Speed Y6350mm/min250ipm
    Max Axis Speed Z6350mm/min250ipm
    Machine Size and WeightMetricStandard
    Machine Dimensions:W 2073mm x D 942mm x H 1901mmW 81.6" x D 37.1" x H 74.8"
    Weight net600kg1320lbs
    Chopper Spindle Specifications
    Allowable Motor Speed5000-30000RPM
    Spindle Taper Accuracy<2μm<0.000079″
    Spindle Power1.9kw2.6hp
    Standard Size Collet∅ 3mm, 6mm∅ 1/8″, 1/4″
    Air Requirements113Liter/Min, 7Bar4CFM, 100PSI
    Power Requirements
    Power Input230VAC Single Phase 50-60Hz, (110V option available)