The V7-1410 Package Includes:

  • V7 CNC Mill
  • 4-Axis Controller
  • All-In-One Linux Based PC With MotusCNC Software and 3 Axis License Installed
  • 1 Year Warranty on MDA Products
  • Automatic Tool Height Setter


V7 F1410 High Speed CNC Mill Package Includes:

  • WABECO F1410LF Mill with LINEAR GUIDES Installed
  • High Torque 3hp (2.2Kw) Spindle, 800-12,000 RPM w/ pneumatic tool release
  • Brushless Servo Motors
  • 4-axis Controller
  • Automatic Tool Height Setter
  • All-In-One Lenovo Computer with Installed MotusCNC Software and 3 Axis License
  • ISO30 Toolholder
  • Manual Mode : allows machine to be used as a manual mill using the flip out hand wheels.